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    I’m an author of Ghanaian descent, based in the UK, writing contemporary fiction for children and young adults.


    I’m delighted by the positive response my work has received so far, and I’m looking forward to sharing my future books as they come to fruition, but in the meantime, check out my current work in


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  • My Books

    Looking Up

    A book to enjoy

    A lovely birthday or christmas gift


    ISBN 978-1-916000407

    (Distributed by Ingram and available through Gardners book wholesalers)

    Thirteen-year-old Esi is reluctantly on her way to London, England.


    After many happy years with Grandma in Ghana, she is joining Maggie, the mother she hasn’t lived with since the age of six.


    Her move to London, not only forces Esi to deal with challenges she’s never faced before, but it brings up lots of questions about Solomon, her absent father, and Maggie - the answers to which in the end change her life.


    Looking Up is a compelling drama about faith, family separation, migration and the resilience of love.


    " A sensitive and delightful story of tension and reconciliation in a Ghanaian family in London."

    Professor A N Mensah, Retired Professor of English, University of Ghana


    Book 2

    I am currently working on my next book.

  • Short Bio


    I have a BA (Hons) in Law and Sociology and a Masters in Industrial Relations from Warwick University, England as well as a PhD in Development Studies from University of East Anglia, England.

    Why do I write fiction?

    My love of books, drama and writing led me to start creating fiction. I aim to create strong central characters dealing with the challenges that life has presented them with.


    I am married with three children which is wonderful but demanding too.

    Did you know ...

    At school and at university, I loved acting on stage and performing poetry. I remember being the only non-drama student in a university drama production. I guess the ability to imagine being someone else helps me write fiction.

  • My News/ Media

    Interviews, Reviews, Magazine and Newspaper features

    My interview with Afrori Books of Black Origin which is on their Youtube channel.



    Looking Up is now available to buy from Afrori Books



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    Thrilled to have been featured in the Ghanaians in Literature issue of Akadi magazine. Check it out!


    #akadimagazine #ghanaiansinliterature #ghanaianwriters

    Check out my interview on the Black Fiction Addiction Blog http://blackfictionaddiction.com/2020/09/abena-eyeson-2/

    Looking Up is featured on the UK Black Writers Forum website. Click on the link to see the article


    #ukblackwritersforum #africanfiction #youngadultauthors #ghanabritishauthor #blackbritishfiction #blackbritishauthors

    Looking Up gets a lovely review in August 2020 by Bookwormgh. Check it out on https://bookwormgh.com/index.php/book-review/2020/08/14/book-review-abena-eyesons-looking-up/ 

    #bookreview #recommendedreads #yabook #diverseyabook #africanyabook #migrationstories #diversebooks #ghanabook #blackbritishbook #lookingup

    Reading from my novel Looking Up at the Book Launch on 22nd February 2020

    #bookreading #authorreading #blackbritishauthorreading #yabook #diversebook #multigenerationalfiction #lookingup

    The book launch on 22nd February 2020 3-6pm marked a year since the publication of Looking Up. There were readings from the book, a question and answer session, live music from Coco Mbassi and each ticket holder got a signed copy of the book.

    A cute review by a younger reader on Mango Bubbles Books https://mangobubblesbooks.com/2019/06/22/looking-up-abena-eyeson-reviewed-by-bluesky-age-12/

    #childrenbookreviewers #bookreview #diversebookreview #blackbookreview #blackbritishbookreview #lookingup

    Africa Access reviews Looking Up

    Check out this wonderful review of Looking Up by Africa Access Review in the USA who provide scholarly reviews of children’s and young adult books that focus on Africa. More than 100 African Studies scholars in the US are members of the review team. http://africaaccessreview.org/2019/10/lookin-up-a-family-drama/

    #bookreview #africanbookreview #recommendedbook #blackyabook #migrationstories #ghanabook #blackbritishauthor #lookingup #blackbritishyabook #yabook #lookingup

    My interview on ABN radio UK with Candy Kisseih July 2019

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