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Celebrate Black History Month

A Poem

· Black History,Support,Encourage not hate,Black British,Black Achievement

In this month

When we celebrate black history

In the UK

I’d like to salute the achievements of my fellow black people

I’d like to acknowledge the sacrifices and struggles they have been through

The joy and love they bring to the world

Their contribution to civilisation and culture in every shape and form

Their inventions and innovations that have helped shape the world

My one request as we move forward

On the road called life

Is that we support and encourage each other

That we don’t hate and undermine

To bring someone down to make ourselves feel better

Let’s be beacons of love and hope

Showing our children and future generations

That there is a bright future

Where hopes and dreams can be fulfilled.

Happy Black History Month!

Please share and stay blessed xx

Abena Eyeson

 Author of Looking Up                                                                                         

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